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Membership Information

There are two types of membership offered by WSAMA. Membership is yearly and runs from January through December. Please read the descriptions below to determine the membership class that applies.

General Membership - $15

General membership is open only to city or town attorneys or assistant city or town attorneys, serving either by election or appointment, or by contract. (WSAMA bylaws, Article II, Section 7). General membership entitles a member to receive all WSAMA entitles a member to receive all WSAMA mailings and to be eligible for WSAMA elective offices. Members are also entitled to vote at elections for WSAMA offices and on issues which come before the WSAMA general membership.

Associate Membership - $50

Under WSAMA's bylaws, any attorney admitted to practice in the state of Washington, and state and municipal officials and employees, may become associate members. Associate membership entitles a person to receive WSAMA mailings, including notices of meetings and workshops.

Honorary Life Membership - No Dues

Served 25 years as city attorney or assistant city attorney in Washington State.

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Please contact Aimy Enriquez at (206) 625-1300 or with any questions.